responding to hurricane isaac

community kitchen is offering support to neighborhoods organizing community meals in response to the recent hurricane. a massive power outage left approximately 150,000 homes without power indefinitely as crews repair the damage. the community kitchen house is still without power, but we have natural gas service, lots of ice for perishables, and have been cooking hot meals throughout the hurricane for homeless and neighbors.

we are currently organizing daily cooking to send food to neighborhoods that are coming together to share meals. the first of these meals started tonight on the 5200 block of Constance Street in uptown. we can use your help! email us at to find out more & let us know what you can do. we are especially in need of help with transportation & monetary donations. if you can, please consider donating to us: just click the Donate button on the top right of the page.

some of the supplies donated for these meals came from OccupyIsaac and Portlight. Interoccupy is doing a funds & supplies drive to support Community Kitchen, Common Ground, and other relief agencies.


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  • WHO?

    community kitchen is a volunteer-run food share in New Orleans that brings together folks who love to grow, gather, cook, and serve food in order to reduce food waste and hunger while supporting those most marginalized by capitalism and the industrial food system.
    read more about us...

    you can reach us via email:
    kitchen at commiekitsch dot org
    or fone: 504.383.3349

    + solidarity catering request form


    current nola food-shares:

    * TUE :: community kitchen:
    hot food serving 3-4pm @ duncan plaza between city hall & the main branch public library.

    * WED :: hot food share, serving 2pm @ the mission in central city.

    * there should be more...
    you could start one!


    because there's too much food being thrown away, & because the right to be free from hunger is a fundamental human right.
    read Via Campesina‘s seven principles of food sovereignty...

    Family Farm Defenders: The Food Sovereignty Struggle within the Global Justice Movement

    "Solidarity is not a matter of altruism. Solidarity comes from the inability to tolerate the affront to our own integrity of passive or active collaboration in the oppression of others, and from the deep recognition of our most expansive self-interest. From the recognition that, like it or not, our liberation is bound up with that of every other being on the planet, and that politically, spiritually, in our heart of hearts we know anything else is unaffordable."
    - Aurora Levins Morales